Manager's Message

Joy is meant to be shared . One of the things that really makes me happy and joyful to know that each one of you are a gift of God.Our foundress Mather Mary ward says ‘ it is an honour to work for God’ .

It is an added blessing for you children to be able to study in this sacred atmosphere where hundreds gather together and lift up their hearts to God in prayer.

We plant the seeds that one day will grow . We water seeds already planted , knowing that they hold further development.

For the proper growth and development of our country, it is necessary for a student to study and acquire knowledge through education.

Today’s generation is very wise. It makes new discoveries with every sunrise. On education you are a beaming light to make your future bright.

So keep focused on studies, practice and gain insight. Dedicate your time in this fast moving and competitive world. The future of our country depends on you, so work hard , do good to others who are in need of you.

Sr. Alice CJ. Manager