Provincial Superior's Message

I am happy to know that Nirmala Convent Inter college is launching its own website. This indeed is delightful news as the school is providing a very needed and useful facility which I hope will help to bring about greater connectivity, and collaboration between the school and the Parents, friends and well- wishers.

From its very beginning in 1945 the Nirmala School has been imparting value based, quality education. The school aims at turning out young women who strive for excellence in all fields and at the same time hold on to the traditional moral and ethical values. In today’s society where money and muscle power far outweigh all other values of life, this school stands as a beacon to society , manifesting by what it stands for and inculcates in its students that spiritual and ethical values are the true guides that will lead a person to happiness and a meaningful life.

I wish and pray that the launching of the website, another mile stone in its history of its development, may create a greater collaborative environment in the school, where frequent exchange of information, and sharing of ideas take place leading to further growth and development of the college.

With my blessings, Sr. Elsy CJ
Provincial Superior